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Is Online Trading Safe?

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Technology has transformed our lives to great extents and the field of trading is no exception. The ease of internet allows the investor to buy stocks and securities and enter into trades, all sitting in the comfort of his/her home. In the earlier stages of its technological transition, the internet allowed the investor to progress to buying stocks online, instead of having to go down to the broker’s office. However now, all the person has to do is to apply some settings to form a predetermined plan and let the computer do his work for him. With the introduction of automated trading, life has become a lot easier for all kinds of investors. The more experienced investors use it to further facilitate their trading while the less experienced traders can use it to enhance it. But that is not all there is to it. With the latest in automated trading, investors need not constantly check their transactions or keep track of the market. Just sign up to an online site and you’re good to go.

But how safe is it to trade online, really? Advances in technology provide greater comforts, it’s true. But they also mean an advancement in the bad technology-viruses, hacking, scamming, etc. for example, binary trading, although simple is susceptible to a lot of scams. The investor puts in money but ends up losing any control over it. Not just binary trading; any form of online trading is vulnerable. And this leads to a lot of people being wary of entering into any trades on the net. Because let’s face it, there are people out there whose job it is to scam you out of your money and they’re good at it. And any inexperienced investor is a soft target.



Thus online trading has both advantages and disadvantages to it. It allows you greater control and flexibility over the kind of transaction you choose. You can have your specific stock portfolios. Online trading also turns out to be cheaper than engaging the services of a professional broker. And it saves you immense amounts of time also. Online services are available that provide access to expert advice i.e. alerts in the form of binary options signals. The investor can subscribe to this service provided by companies and/or experienced traders, all in one place, at one’s fingertips. However, despite all the wonderful help it provides, it has some drawbacks too. Since there is no ‘person’ in the form of a broker who is dealing with the investor, there is no one-on-one relationship the person can count upon for advice in times of crisis. The automated trading only follows what you have programmed it to do. It cannot constantly advice you like a broker can. People who are new to the software can end up making mistakes or forget that they are actually dealing in real money which can lead to significant losses. However, with time comes experience and once you get the hang of it, online trading is a very beneficial service. To avoid falling for scams, one must do research before signing up to any website. Also, one can seek the advice of professionals as to which website is reliable in terms of security and returns both.

Banc De Binary review

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Banc De Binary is often regarded as the industry leader for they are one of the oldest ones in the game and one with the best established work flow. BDB is always working on improving their business model and getting closer to their customers and in the newest iteration of their site they have brought more changes and made it even easier to use. As you know it signing up and creating an account for the binary option robots is usually free and the only thing you pay for is your first deposit.


The minimal first the deposit for a new account at the Banc De Binary is two hundred and fifty dollars. After that, there are many options for you to invest your money in. There are several different time limit options as well as different business approaches. One of the interesting things that you can find only at BDB are the trading signals that are completely free. There is a free Banc-de-Binary-Loginsoftware that handles signals that the binary robots are reading to give you the best insight and edge in order to create the biggest financial gain. In order to access this free software you will need to deposit one thousand dollars or more but this rule is not a strict and you can work around it if you know how.

With an abundance of fake brokers online and plenty of fraudulent binary options websites it is very important to be sure that your broker is safe and trustworthy since you are entrusting your money to them. Years of experience, pioneering position in the business and thousands of satisfied customers speak volumes about the integrity of the BDB. Nevertheless, Banc De Binary has the authorization of the Security Exchange Commission of Cyprus and is a licensed broker on an international level meaning that it’s not a scam broker and that investing in it is a safe and sound decision.


BDB is a broker that is guaranteed to offer you a fair chance to get ahead in the business of binary transactions. The weight of binary transactions work is of the binary robot is searching through the binary signals that are derived from the changes happening at the market in real time. There is no prior knowledge necessary in order to be a part of this since the system is run by robot that makes decisions instead of you based on the information that was received from its complicated algorithm. You’re only required to make a few basic decisions, regarding the restrictions that a robot can do on your behalf and after that the robot will calculate the optimal investments inside the given parameters. Binary robots are extremely easy to use and get used to so one might say that making investments and money has never been easier. I hope you have found this Banc De Binary review helpful and I hope that it made a selection of their binary options robot easier for you.


Binary option robot review

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Binary option robot is a very useful piece of software and is mainly used to help their users to make stock market deals. Binary options robot works automatically dealing with binary options with the end results of your financial gain. One of the best things about this software is that is completely free and free of malware and viruses. Some of the binary options robots are completely web-based and some require prior download. In this instance will show you Binary option robot review, one that needs to be downloaded first, free of charge to.

While it is free, this type of account suffers some of the restrictions. You can only trade US dollars for euros or Japanese yen’ since these are the two of the main exchange currencies at the moment. Upgrading to one of the premium accounts will give you more options, of course.  One of the restrictions of this very binary options robot is that it works would only three brokers, namely: Tradorax, 24option and Stockpair and has a limit to the working time.


The process of trade in this software is completely automatic so after you set the parameters there is nothing else for you to do except watch as your investment is being handled by the software. This software can boast with a success rate of 80% and can follow up to five different trading indicators. Binary options will work for you no matter the operating system you’re using; it will work on your laptop and your desktop whether it is Mac or Windows. There is also a support for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.



In the binary options you can set three different basic methods of trade and they are Classic which is the easiest one, Martingale and Fibonacci which is the most complicated one. If you upgrade to a premium level you get seven different currencies to exchange with and up to four different brokers. Here you can change trade time anywhere from a minute to an hour. The software works completely on its own and there  is no need for you to do anything other than set the entry parameters and watch. You can invest anything between five and €600 per trade with the success rate going over 80%. In case you are unsatisfied with the software there is a refund policy which will allow you to try the software for 60 days. Upgrading to a premium level costs $80.


Since the system is automated, after setting the parameters there is no need for you to even be at the computer which means that you can do whatever you want to with your day without being distracted by the binary options robot. The robot will follow the trends on the market, it will calculate the chances of winning and losing and make investments accordingly without you having to move a finger. If there is anything that you need help with always address her customer service which would be more than happy to help you with anything you might ever need.

What Binary Options Signal is the Best?

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Binary options signals are great things that can help us profit from binary options trading by analyzing the binary options market and then giving us tips on what trades we ought to conduct. But then again, some binary options signals are better than the others, and it is hard to determine which one of them is the best. However, we can help you out with that, because we’ve compiled a list of the best binary options signals, so you’d know which one to get to help you trade binary options. So, let’s see that list and let’s determine which one of them is the best.

1 – Binary Options Pro Signals

This service occupies the first place on our list of the best binary options signals providers, and it has a good reason for doing so. Its accuracy rate stands at around 72,5%, and it offers between 6 and 12 signals per day. This service costs $97, which is a pretty standard rate for this service.


2 – Guaranteed Trading Signals

This is the service that occupies the second position, and it does so mostly because of the fact that it can offer unlimited number of signals per day. For this service, you’ll have to pay $59, but for that money, you’ll get an accuracy rate of around 72,5%.

3 – Auto Binary Signals

This binary options signals service is considered to be the third on the list of the best binary options signals providers. Also, it is great because it offers that service per a price of $97, which you only have to pay once. This signal providing service sends about 2 to 5 binary options signals per day, and has an accuracy rate of about 80%.


4 – John Anthony

John Anthony occupies the fourth place on out list of the best binary options signals. It sends a whopping 17 signals per day, and they usually have an accuracy rate of 71%. All this can be yours for $99, which is a bit high, but at least you get a lot of signals.

5 – UpDown Signals

This binary options signals service occupies the fifth position on our list. It costs 97 US Dollar, but for that money you get 4,3 signals per day, averagely. These signals have an accuracy rate of 71%, but what’s more important here is the fact that this provider offers free service to its clients.


6 – Binary Options Trading Signals

This binary options signals service occupies the second place on our list, and it does so for a good reason. It has an accuracy rate of around 80%, and offers anywhere between 2 and 4 signals per day. However, it’s price is a bit high, and stands as $194.

Now you know which binary options signals are considered the best, and which ones of them you ought to consider getting. Read up about them, and then decide which one you like the best, because that is the only way to know for sure that you have gotten the best binary options signals provider.

Top Binary Options Brokers of 2015

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FE-Binary-OptionIn order to be the best at something, you need to have the best tools for the job; and when you are trading binary options, the binary options broker is your tool. So, you need to know which ones of them are the best, so that you could know where you can make the most money, and where the trading process would be the simplest. And that is exactly why we have decided to give you a list of the top binary options brokers of 2015. After knowing this, you’ll know where to trade your options and do it with the biggest profit, and with the lowest possible amount of complication.

As most of you might have guessed, the very at the top of the list we have the 24Option binary options broker. This binary options broker does not allow the American traders to conduct their trades there, but that is its only drawback. The minimum deposit here stands at $250, which is not a lot, considering that you’ll get that money back rather quickly because the payout rate is 85%! You also have the option of practicing your trading skills on a demo account, and get various bonuses, that sometimes go as high as 100%.

The second place on this list is occupied by Banc de Binary, which can usually be found at one of the top three positions on these lists. It is also not American-friendly, but it does have a payout rate of 85%, which is great news for all the non-Americans out there. You can set up a demo account on this broker as well, as can you earn bonuses that go as high as 100%.


The third binary options broker on our list is Finpari, which is known for the fact that it does allow the American traders to trade there. The minimum deposit on this binary options broker is rather low – it stands at 100%, but it does not offer you the possibility of setting up your own demo account in order to get some trading experience. The payout rate stands at 90%, and like all the others, it offers bonuses with the value of 100% of your deposit.

Porter Finance is the fourth one on our list of the top binary options brokers of 2015, and it is one of the brokers that offer a slightly lower minimum deposit – here it stands at $200. The good news here is that it does accept the American traders, and does offer you a chance to set up your own Porter Finance demo account. It also has a payout rate of 83%, and the bonuses here are higher than at any other broker, and they go as high as 200%!

Binary Option Signal Trading

And finally, the fifth place on our list is occupied by Markets World, a binary options broker that dos accept the American traders, and that has a really low minimum deposit – only $20! It also offers you a demo account and a payout rate of 95%, as well as bonuses that are worth 100% of your deposit.

Top Binary Options Signals Ranked

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When we speak about the binary options signals and the advantages they provide when trading with binary options, it is necessary to say that not all providers of signals are the same and not all of them do their job in the same manner. There are a lot of websites out there that are basically scams, and the world of global finances and virtual money is especially attractive to potential hackers and organizations with malicious intent, but there are also some companies that are simply bad at what they do. However, there are also those that take their duty seriously and have a high ratio of success and provide good quality of signals, in a timely manner and in various types of assets.


There are a lot of those good providers on the market nowadays, and it is not easy to select the top 10 binary signals, but with several sources and with the help from certified experts the list was successfully completed:

1. Binary Option Robot 2. Signals365 3. Binary Options Trading Signals 4. Pro Binary Signals 5. Night Owl Binary Options Signals 6. Binary Options PRO Signals 7. 24Option Signals 8. UpDown Signals 9. Winner Binary Signals 10. Profit Binary Signals

Naturally, the list is open for debate, since the whole world of trading is highly subjective, and what is good for one trader maybe will not be for another. Different styles of investments and various types of preferred assets make creating a decisive list a very demanding job. However, the signals providers that are here under the list of top 10 binary signals are certainly good enough to satisfy the needs of almost any customer, no matter how demanding they may be.


All of these companies are reliable and professionals have used them which means they are tried and tested, which eliminates any possibility of scam or similar activity. This is particularly important for inexperienced and those clients that are entering the broker world for the first time, since they are the most vulnerable category and the easiest target for those who search for victims in the deep financial waters.


What is even more important, is the fact that all of the companies that are on the top 10 binary signals list offer great success rates, and most of them have those numbers somewhere around 70-80%. This is a very good percentage, since signals are usually sent couple of times a day, 3-5 times on average. Such a success ratio ensures positive outcome of investments, and will surely prove extremely beneficial for any trader who uses them to increase profits and enhance his or hers overall trading experience. Additionally, most of them offer the option of live trading, which is incorporated in most websites of the big broker houses who trade with binary options, and this basically means that traders do not have to be near a computer to do the trade – computer program will do everything for them, from reading the signals to placing the appropriate bids. Clients should only come by later to collect the winnings.

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